We partner with a wide range of organizations, harnessing the power of data, research, and evaluation to inform program strategy and increase community impact.


As a funder, you want to know that the investment you make is helping create a better world. But with the wide range of approaches to complex community challenges, how do you identify the most promising solutions? How can you increase the likelihood that the funds you invest will have long-term, systemic impact?

Robust understanding of existing social policies, rigorously tested interventions, and promising pilot programs can help. JLI Consulting supports informed philanthropic decision-making by distilling current research into accessible and relevant information. We dig into the numbers that underlie the stories of successful nonprofit programs, helping funders understand the “how” and “why” of promising practices in the sector. 



Nonprofits are increasingly expected to speak the language of evidence, evaluation, indicators, and measurement. Funders emphasize the importance of demonstrating outcomes, while phrases like “collective impact,” “social return on investment,” and “triple bottom line” permeate the social sector.

Do you ever wish you had a translator?

At JLI Consulting, we help "translate" research and analysis to inform program strategy. We assist nonprofits in becoming conversant in the language of rigor and evaluation. We make social science and public policy research accessible, relevant, and applicable to your work, growing your fluency in performance and impact. And we support nonprofits in understanding how and why evaluative thinking is so important to improving outcomes.